18 June 2010


All right, I have itchy blog fingers.
I've been back to the US for the last five weeks and at first I wondered what I'd really have to write about, now that I'm not having daily cultural/linguistic/culinary adventures.
Answer: My life seems to be adorned with weird/interesting enough events even in the U.S. and I'm realizing I still have plenty of things to explore on my own turf!
So I am turning over a new blog leaf.

Upcoming posts:
My Pre-oil Adventures in the Gulf

ROUS's DO Exist, OR A Summer Roadtrip with Nicole

Disreputable Dog-sitting

Moab Mayhem

and, on the topic of my recent job-hunting efforts:
5 Jobs I Never Ever Want to Have. Like Seriously Ever.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

PS-Some photos: Me saying "Au Revoir" to the First Lawyer of Vesoul statue; a very still reflection of Aspens in a pond near Nederland, CO; and the top of Loveland Pass, my first week home in May... oh I <3 Colorado.

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